What is ConnectiX


ConnectiX at a glance

ConnectiX is a Cloud based “outsourced integration solution” that links the data needs of a client up and down through the supply chain, including assets, works, safety, schedules, procedures, etc. and aligns with current Asset Management and Works Order Software.

The benefits that ConnectiX delivers begins by providing you with the ability to easily integrate with external customer systems for electronic real time upload of jobs. Configuration rules identified during our implementation enable you to automatically assign jobs to resources based on any numbers of factors or constraints– availability, skill, location, customer or priority. Job schedulers are more readily able to make allocation decisions based upon their real-time work-in-progress view of their teams or individuals.

ConnectiX is also able to automatically insert online forms or workflows depending upon unique job type. In addition, schedulers are also able to attach documents with the job such as HSEQ processes and procedures (JSA and Take 5 for example) or how-to- guides. In fact our rapid configurable forms capability enables you to design build and launch additional online forms in a matter of moments.

Once the jobs have been dispatched, the ConnectiX mobility module takes over. Available to internet enabled smart device solving the BYOD or bring-your-own-device challenge and eliminating the requirement for you to mandate a particular device across your internal and external workforce.

Given that telecommunications coverage varies quite considerably in regional areas or underground for example, with ConnectiX work does not need to stall as job data is collected in offline mode and simply synced when the device moves back into a coverage zone.  

The ConnectiX Mobility module enables your mobile workforce to have full job management functionality on their device. With the ability to start, stop, suspend, vary, capture inventory or parts used, quote, close and create an RCTI and sign on glass, the quality of data collected from the field from the removal of paper based processes provides you with a substantial operational cost reduction in addition to reducing your order to cash cycle and lowing your working capital requirements.

ConnectiX also offers you the ability to take advantage of the features of the device such as GPS latitude/longitude time stamps or the ability to attach photos to jobs verifying proof of completion or asset condition as examples.

Finally like all excellent business support systems, ConnectiX has a full reporting capability enabling you to measure and monitor your performance revealing opportunities for continuous improvement.

Value Proposition

The ConnectiX value proposition builds upon what is available in the market today by delivering you internal benefits, higher productivity off a lower cost base in addition to making the visibility of your operations (individual job status or WIP) available to your clients. You become more profitable and more competitive. We refer to it as the ConnectiX 20:20 value proposition.

20 percent uplift in productivity

20 percent decrease in operational costs

20:20 vision for both you and the customers you serve.


ConnectiX features include the following

Electronic or manual work order capture
Scheduling, dispatch & work order management
Real time WIP and job status updates
Rapid configurable forms design and deployment
Attachments to work orders – network diagrams, plans or procedures
Guided workflows for HSEQ compliance
GPS integration
Available on any internet enabled smart device
Resource and timesheet management
Variation management
Inventory management
Proof of work photo attachments to job close
Signature capture (POS or POD)
Online and offline mode – meaning work doesn’t stop when connections drop out
Financial management and ERP integration
Full reporting capability for performance measurement and monitoring
Simple to use interface with menu drop downs for data accuracy
Highly configurable to embed best practice process